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Nomura: Summer's Over So Lock It Up, Finger Sluts

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As we've discussed before, Nomura's acquisition of Lehman's internal operations has not gone as smoothly as everyone had hoped. The Lehman employees are being very difficult, all but refusing to submit to their new employer's way of doing things. Particularly the women. Despite being told that short sleeves are not acceptable, as they are the clothes of whores, these Lehman ladies apparently spent the summer just absolutely slutting it up. I'm talking sleeveless tops. I'm talking silk shirts. I'm talking bright nail polish. Well no more! The summer's over, and you've had your kicks. It's time to lock it up and know what else? This goes for any of the men straddling the line between "upstanding businessman" and gigolo. And don't give me this shit that you couldn't understand the memo. One short sleeve, one red nail-- and I mean one-- and you're gone.

A recent e-mail politely reminded staff in Nomura's Tokyo headquarters that "gay colour nail polish and manucure" fell outside the company's strict dress code. The trading floor was also left baffled by guidelines on the correct type of trousers: "Wear the one gives to the ankle to the height of pants". The awkwardly-worded memo, which one former Lehman Brothers recipient described as "sounding like a Japanese VCR instruction manual from the '80s" was an attempt to rein-in bankers' attire after the long, relatively permissive days of summer.
With autumn now arrived those carefree, tie-less months are gone and the winter dress code is in force. "Bare foots", said the memo, are no longer appropriate. Unsuitable clothes are listed by category. Under the "jacket and suit" heading, for example, bankers are reminded to avoid "the one of lustrous material". Skirts may neither be extremely short nor be a "skirt that deep slit entered".

Nomura Dress Code Bans 'Gay Color Nail Polish' [Times Online]


Layoffs Watch '13: Nomura

Cuts are said to have gone down across the pond earlier today.

Layoffs Watch '12: Nomura

London employees are not the only ones being sat down for uncomfortable conversations. "FYI: Heavy cuts at Nomura across banking and equities today in the US as well."

Layoffs Watch '12: Nomura

The company is still in the firing phase of the rebuilding process. Nomura Holdings cut a team of London proprietary traders focused on stocks as Japan’s largest brokerage scales back in Europe, said two people with knowledge of the matter. The group of about five traders was part of Nomura’s Angel Lane Principal Strategies, a unit that makes speculative wagers on markets with capital provided by the Tokyo-based bank, according to the people, who declined to be identified because the job cuts haven’t been announced. The team departing this week was led by Anthony Medina, a volatility trader who used options to bet on fluctuations in the prices of stocks, the people said. The departures are part of Nomura’s plan to reduce costs by $1 billion, with almost half the savings coming from Europe. The revamp in strategy follows a four-year struggle to build a business overseas following the purchase of Lehman Brothers Holdings Inc.’s European and Asian units in 2008. Nomura Said To Cut Team Of Proprietary Traders Focused On Stocks [Bloomberg]

Layoffs Watch '15: Nomura

The firm is said to be giving a whole bunch of employees the heave-ho.

Layoffs Watch '12: Nomura

Employees are said to be expecting something resembling a massacre tomorrow around 10 or so, depending on when people roll into the office. From the front lines: "Nomura London cuts happening tomorrow starting 10ish. It's going to be a bloodbath."