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Opening Bell: 10.07.09

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Winters Shows JPMorgan Path to Safety, Dimon Shows Him the Door (Bloomberg)
Bill Winters is on the JPM payroll til January but he's actively taking calls to discuss his future, if any potential employers are interested in this kid. Fun B-Dubs fact: he took a year off during college to work in a beer-bottling plant in Croatia.
Fed Frets About Commercial Real Estate (WSJ)
"Banks will be slow to recognize the severity of the loss -- just as they were in residential," according to a Federal Reserve presentation to banking regulators last month, which was reviewed by The Wall Street Journal.
Fannie And Freddie To Aid Mortgage Banks (WSJ)
The goal being to "reduce risks faced by independent mortgage banks so they can obtain short-term credit."
RBS Faced Risk of Full Seizure by Brown in Crisis, Gieve Says (Bloomberg)
Breaking: "If RBS, HBOS, Lloyds had gone down last year, that would have had huge contagious effects throughout the rest of the world."
Back To Wall Street (Forbes)
Senior executives who quit their jobs last year due to the markets being "in the doldrums and regulation around the corner making it not worth their while to stay" are back in the office.
Hotel Feud Prompts Grand Jury Into Probe (WSJ)
What are thousands of pages of stolen documents between friends?