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Opening Bell: 10.21.09

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Chiesi Search For Investor Edge Went To Far, Say Prosecutors (WSJ)
Danielle's attorney begs to differ: Mr. Kaufman said that all Ms. Chiesi was doing was trying to get better information than most people have, which is "what thousands and thousands of people in the financial community try to do," He added, "I did not see any allegations that Danielle was trading for her own account or that she personally profited from this."
Bank of America Saw Merrill Losses in November, E-Mails Show (Bloomberg)
"Read and weep," Chief Accounting Officer Neil Cotty wrote in a Nov. 5 e-mail to Chief Financial Officer Joe Price that included Merrill's October financial report.
Galleon Moves Assets Into Cash (FT)
Most investors are redeeming ASAP though one charitably offered: "Liquidation would be the objective thing to do," adding that he would be "looking to see what happens this week."
Goldman Sachs Exec Defends Bonuses At Ethics Debate (Reuters)
Brian Griffiths said he was not "ashamed" of his bank's compensation package.

King Suggests Splitting Up Largest Banks to Stem Risk
Mervyn says chop 'em up.
Fed Chooses Staff Economist as Head of Bank Supervision (WSJ)
"As an economist with deep expertise in financial markets, Pat Parkinson will be an important asset at a time when we are focusing on a multidisciplinary approach to banking supervision and regulation," Mr. Bernanke said. "We're working to supervise the banking sector in a way that focuses not just on individual institutions, but on how those institutions are interconnected and are integrated into the financial system and the economy."