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Opening Bell: 10.26.09

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Galleon Wiretaps Rattle Hedge Funds as Insider Trading Targeted (Bloomberg)
"The word wiretap strikes fear in the hearts of everyone, even the innocent," said Brad Balter, who runs Balter Capital Management LLC, a Boston-based firm that allocates clients' money to hedge funds.
Madoff colleague Picower found dead Palm Beach pool (Palm Beach Post)
"I do feel badly a man died," said Ronnie Sue Ambrosino, a former Delray Beach resident who lost her life savings to Madoff. "But it's another clue we'll never have. Madoff pleaded guilty and didn't go to trial. And now Picower dies. It's a little ironic that we're never going to find out the truth." The Picowers, according to attorneys investigating Madoff's financial empire, were part of the Ponzi scheme for more than 20 years. They and their daughter, Gabrielle, made more than $5 billion in fictitious profits, according to a complaint that was filed as part of federal efforts to recover money for the victims of Madoff's scheme.
Fund to Focus On Role Of Women (FT)
The Women's Leadership Fund, started by Zurich-based Naissance Capital, hopes to invest up to $2bn (£1.2bn) and take activist positions in companies with few or no women in executive or board roles. Now with the are you trying to convince us or yourselves questions: "Is there an edge to be gained in investing in these kind of companies? We think so, and we're the first to do it," said Daniel Tudor, the fund's project manager.
Billionaire Hedges Bet on Auction House (NYT)
SAC Capital has sold its 6 percent stake in Sotheby's. Did this have to do with a dispute over people getting their greasy sandwiches near a certain someone's art? We like to think so.
Probe Widening In Galleon Case (WSJ)
The Journal reports that Richard Grodin's Quadrum Capital has been subpoenaed for its trading records, and also that the fund was closed the week before last (without giving Dealbreaker credit for being the ones to report that fact days earlier, plus Grodin's ties to Galleon cooperating witness Choo Beng Lee, etc).
Moffat's Galleon Arrest Stuns IBMers Who Recall Sumo Suit, Kilt (Bloomberg)
Bob Moffat is going to be missed big time: "To boost employee morale, according to a former colleague, he once told workers in the Raleigh office that if the division turned a profit in one quarter, he would wear a kilt at a company event. When it did, he kept his promise. He once dressed up in a sumo-wrestler suit at a conference. While onstage at an another event, he tore up a speech a communications executive had written, saying he preferred to speak off-the-cuff."
Learn To Love Insider Trading (WSJ)
A certain Sri Lankan is two steps ahead of you.