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Opening Bell: 10.29.09

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Pay Czar Wants No Wider Authority (WSJ)
Great news! Kenneth Feinberg does not want to oversea the pay of any firms beyond the 7 special ones he's already policing, despite some Congressmen urging the Compensation Cop to go crazy one everyone's asses. (Vikula et al still loose.)

Buffett Beats Gross in Global Poll as Investor With Most Wisdom
When your need advice on insurance companies or sex, the Oracle is apparently where most people go to get it. If he's got his hands tied with some buxom prosties: "The closest runner-up, Bill Gross, the founder and co- chief investment officer of Pacific Investment Management Co., is chosen by 16 percent. Billionaire investor George Soros gets 10 percent, followed by Nouriel Roubini, the New York University professor who in 2006 predicted the financial crisis, and Marc Faber, publisher of the Gloom, Boom & Doom Report. Fewer than 1 in 10 cited Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke, despite high marks for his performance as a central banker. Only 3 percent pick Alan Greenspan, the former Fed chairman."
Galleon Paid Banks Millions For 'Edge' (FT)
One executive who dealt with Galleon said: "They wanted anything the public did not have. They got various pieces and put them together and that was their edge." A former Goldman executive who provided services to funds including Galleon said: "They were tough and aggressive. They cared about short-term returns and cared a lot about the impact of their trading and the costs. They expected a lot of market information." Serious question: since when is this a crime?
Accountant Sentenced To House Arrest In UBS Tax Case (NYT)
The real kicker here is that apparently the authorities aren't going to tolerate this kind of thing anymore, because they know you know it's illegal: "Thousands, if not millions, of taxpayers now know what the legal landscape is," Judge Cooke said. "Now, we will not tolerate offshore tax evasion."
K1 Hedge Fund Said to Be Linked to FBI Money-Laundering Sting (Bloomberg)
Homes and offices raided.