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Other Dream Picks: Dick Fuld, Stan O'Neal, Dennis Kozlowski Telecommuting From Inside The Joint

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You know who would be a great candidate to take over for Ken Lewis at Bank of America? Alan Schwartz. Yes, he does already have a job at Guggenheim Partners, and his nights and weekends are pretty filled trying to nail hedge funds to the wall for colluding to destroy Bear Stearns. And sure, he has his drawbacks, namely that he's no Jimmy Cayne. But man, if we could get this guy? BAC would be set (in the event someone needs to go on CNBC and state with a straight face that the firm is awash with liquidty). The Boston Globe seriously reports:

Several former CEOs of other large banks have also been named [as possible candidates to succeed Ken Lewis]: Alan Schwartz from Bear Stearns Cos., Robert Steel from Wachovia, and Jerry Grundhofer from US Bancorp. Another top name is American Express Co. president Alfred Kelly, who is leaving the company next spring after concluding he would not become AMEX's chief executive in the near term.


Dennis Kozlowski 'Bout Ready To Print Up New Business Cards

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