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Prince Alwaleed bin Talal Is Ready For The Government To Pack Up And Leave

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He appreciates everything everyone's done at Citi, but it's time to move on. Just pack up your shit, and mosey on out of the place. Hit the bricks. Be gone. This has nothing to do with someone itching to reclaim his title as the single largest shareholder of the bank, BTW, or Geithner acting like a priss when asked to clean up AbT's horse's shit (though it would've been nice if he could've checked his attitude at the door). Everyone at Citi has learned their lesson and the adult supervision is no longer necessary. All good in the hood.

"The earlier the U.S. government exits its investments in those companies, the better," as long as the withdrawal is not done in a way that hurts the prices of U.S. banking stocks, the Saudi billionaire was quoted as saying in an interview published on Sunday.
"We need to give confidence back to the shareholders and investors that these companies are moving along without government support."

"Citigroup has learned a huge lesson. The worst is behind them right now," Alwaleed said, adding that the bank's $100 billion of tangible common equity, "the highest in the industry," and the large scope of its operations meant its future was "very bright."


Prince Alwaleed bin Talal Can Once Again Sleep At Night

No longer will the world be under the erroneous assumption he's only worth $20 billion.