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Quadrum Capital "Abruptly" Closed

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As you're aware, ten more people are expected to be charged with insider trading this week. Some of them may be connected to the Rajaratnam case. Others will be accused of dipping their wick elsewhere. The authorities refuse to give any hints as to who could potentially be perp-walking, forcing us to wildly speculate, since we can't take the suspense! To that end, we're just going to throw some stuff out there. Maybe it means something, maybe not! It's all relative.
One of the cooperating witnesses in the Galleon case is Choo Beng Lee, who started Spherix Capital in March 2008, after working at Stratix Asset Management, a tech fund. Stratix was formed by SAC veterans Ian Goodman and Richard Grodin, and closed in December 2007, supposedly due to personal issues between the founders. Grodin then started Quadrum Capital, another tech-focused fund, around March 2008. We were told yesterday that Quadrum "abruptly" closed at some point last week. And apparently they really don't want to talk about it, because the firm's number is now out of service.
Update, 10/24: The WSJ has confirmed all of the above, and notes that Grodin had been subpoenaed for his trading records.