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Rajaratnam Accomplice Danielle Chiesi Didn't Want To Get "In Trouble," Was "Paranoid" People Were On To Them

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But she shook it off, 'cause what the odds, right? Anyway, from the complaint against Danielle Chiesi and Mark Kurland of Newcastle Partners LP along with the others charged in the insider trading case of the day, a few recorded phone conversations. I haven't gone through all of them yet but some opening thoughts are 1) doesn't look good! 2) Chiesi held some meetings re: insider trading at her mom's house, which is not cool 3) Danielle kind of has a filthy mouth. Every other word out her is "fuck" or "shit" (example: "I'm meeting him at my fucking mother's house on Sunday"). Of course, she probably would've cleaned it up if she'd known people were listening but you know, hindsight. Next time!

Insider Trading Complaint Against Danielle Chiesi and Others