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Sallie Krawcheck's Imaginary Bid For Ken Lewis's Job Comes To Tragic Near End

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On October 6, Sallie Krawcheck appeared on CNBC to say that she is "very much focused" on her job running Bank of America's wealth management unit. According to the Post, this SKraw's way of "going public with her ambitions to run the bank." A couple days later, the paper claimed this (fake) campaign for Lewis's job somehow "got a big boost," when shareholder Jonathan Finger stated that the board should pick an outsider to run the bank, despite the fact that The Kraw currently works on the inside. So you see everything was chugging along nicely and girlfriend probably would've gotten the gig she was so desperately and publicly begging for and them bam!

Charlie Gasparino comes along and puts in his two cents that "this broad" would be a terrible choice to take over at BAC and now, according to Chaz the board, which reportedly has no clue who it's going to name a replacement, is probably going to go with either Brian Moynihan or Greg Curl within the next two weeks. (CG did concede that the situation is still fluid and that Jonathan Finger "likes" Sallie Krawcheck but it an obvious attempt to let the girl down easy.)