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Sallie Krawcheck's Imaginary Bid For Ken Lewis's Job Gets Endorsement

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Earlier this week, the Postannounced Sallie Krawcheck's intent to be named Bank of America CEO, based on the statement she made to CNBC that she's "fully engaged" in her gig as head of wealth management. SK has yet to come out and admit "you got me," and Charlie Gasparino has already thrown in his two cents to say that "this broad" would be a terrible choice for the job, but fuck that noise, the Post is going full speed ahead on this one. Krawcheck wants this thing, bad. You might as well be blind if you can't see that. Today they claim that the Kraw's "campaign" for Bank of America's top job "may have gotten a big boost."

And that boost was: a shareholder stating that the board should pick an outsider to run the bank (as opposed to one of these guys).

Yesterday, one of BofA's largest and most vocal investors, Finger Interest Number One, submitted a filing to the Securities and Exchange Commission urging the Charlotte, NC bank to tap fresh blood to run it. Embattled CEO Ken Lewis is exiting the company by year-end.
"The current management team has presided over the misallocation of capital and massive shareholder dilution over the past year," read the SEC filing.