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Scam Your Employer For A Steak Tonight

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You deserve it, and your $25 (JPM), $20 (Goldman), $8 (RBS) meal allowances will only get you so far. The Wall Street Journalshows us how it's done:

Enter Midtown Manhattan steakhouse Maloney & Porcelli's "Expense-a-Steak" tool. The premise is simple: enter the amount of your restaurant bill, click "EXPENSE IT!", and the program automatically generates a print-ready page of fake receipts for work-related expenses like office supplies and cab fare totaling the same amount -- so power-lunchers can enjoy their steak frites without drawing the boss's ire.
"We can tell it's been kicking around those places," said Mr. Webster. "Morgan Stanley, Bank of America, Citibank, American Express, J.P. Morgan all have like 100 unique visits from their offices."

"Is it advertising? Is it PR?... Is it aiding and abetting in fraud?" asks Ad Age scribe Bob Garfield. "Dunno for sure. But... We LOVE this thing. It is brilliant."