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Senate Finance Committee Member Issues Call To Arms

Senior ranking member of the Senate Finance Committee Orrin Hatch has seen just about enough of the big, major players always getting their way and shutting out smaller competitors. While he wouldn't break up the usual suspects, Hatch did call on the White House to help level the playing field. After years of potentially illegal activity, it's about time to put the debate that always comes to a boil around election time to rest once and for all. Is there a way to get rid of the Bowl Championship Series?

Riding the recent wave of crackdown on illegal activity, Hatch asked President Obama to enlist the Justice Department's help to determine if the BCS violates the Sherman Antitrust Act.

"At its most basic level, the BCS is an agreement among competitors on the way in which they will compete with one another and how they will compete with schools outside their elite circle," ensuring an inequitable distribution of revenue, Hatch said in the letter.
"It explicitly limits the ability of non-privileged teams to compete in these lucrative games," Hatch said. "It creates a so-called 'National Championship Game,' the limited eligibility for which is effectively determined before the season even begins."

This sounds pretty rational Senator Hatch. Given your experience on the Senate Finance Committee, maybe you've come across an action plan to help solve this problem.

"If anything, our nation should hold our colleges and universities to a higher standard than we would a purely commercial enterprise."

Ok. Have it your way. Just remember what that means then for the University of Utah and BYU if they stumble along the way, no bailouts.
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