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Signs Of The Recovery

It's not just the Wall St/Main St. strife creating a cleavage issue. There is a revolution brewing. Battles lines are being drawn in the sand. Personal legacies are on the line. Indeed, some states believe that the time has finally come to test whether or not the recovery can walk on its own two legs without its PR firm cheering it on. The time has come to stop the stimulus signs.

"The more we reflected on it, the more we realized they were absolutely right: it's not the best use of the money," said (press secretary for the Georgia Department of Transportation David) Spear, who added that the decision would save tens of thousands of dollars that could be spent on more construction work.

But surely there must have been some method to the madness of carpet bombing the country with $1200 a piece signs.

"We think the signs promote transparency and accountability -- so taxpayers can know where their money is being spent and on what," said Jill Zuckman, the Department of Transportation's director for public affairs.

That is fine and all but how will taxpayers know for sure that this whole stimulus program is on the right track. They need a sign of their own.

"But the important thing is that the projects be sound, well run and job creating."

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