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Someone Paid $31,070 For Lenny Dykstra's Winning Ball

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Unfortunately the money's going in the pocket of the pawn shop that auctioned Dykstra's shit off a few weeks back, so don't think this means he's in any position to hire lawyers or move out of his carjust yet. But! The fact that a bunch of people were willing to shell out over a hundo thousand for LD's crap-- the entire lot went for more than $162,000 compared to the lowball estimate of $60,000-- does seem promising. Nails' 1986 World Series ring alone went for $56,762.50 to an unknown buyer in Queens. Just imagine what we could get for LD's "Discarded Dips Of Distinction," a collection of chewing tobacco from the great moments in his illustrious career, tastefully encased in a white gold-flecked display case. We market this thing right and L-Dyks could potentially be back in the black by the end of the year, at which time he can focus on the important things, like this writing career and sharing accumulated pearls of wisdom like this with the world.

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