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Stimulus Program Batting 1.000 So Far

The $787 billion stimulus program has met 100% of its goals so far- according to Joe Biden. After eclipsing the benchmarks the VP set forth in June, the stimulus juggernaut has been given a new series of hurdles to jump over by the end of Q4.

The new goals include funding for battery manufacturing plants that can power 400,000 plug-in hybrid electric vehicles; starting 34 more construction and modernization projects at veterans hospitals and medical centers; beginning improvements in 105 more national parks; lending and leveraging $5 billion to more than 12,000 small businesses; and providing loans and funding to finance, build, or renovate more than 100,000 housing units.

While you can debate the degree of difficulty in meeting some of these standards, whether it was the stimulus or just divine intervention, based on Biden's comments this morning,there may be a reason to be genuinely hopeful about the standards the current administration is setting.

The second derivative is finally not enough to start celebrating in the streets.

Biden noted the 263,000 jobs lost in September was significantly down from the average 700,000 jobs the economy was shedding monthly when President Barack Obama took office. But the vice president also said that "less bad is not our measure of success."

Now it's time to start celebrating in the streets.
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