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The Nicolas Cage Liquidation Sale Is On

Aspiring actor Nicolas Cage is looking to help settle his $6.5 million tax bill by suing his former business manager, Samuel Levin, for approximately three times that amount. According to NC, his road to financial ruin was a direct result of Levin's rather bullish position real estate over the past couple of years. So now it's time to pay up. But litigation takes time and the IRS is still learning that patience is a virtue which means Cage is going to have to part with some of the crown jewels of his collection.

As a result of the financial mismanagement, Cage has been "forced to dispose of significant assets," according to the lawsuit. Among the properties on sale are three castles in Bavaria, Germany, and Bath and Somerset, England, as well as Dean Martin's former mansion in Bel Air, Calif. Also on sale are novelist Anne Rice's former home in New Orleans and a New Orleans mansion described as the "most haunted house in the United States." Other properties on the block include homes in New York and Las Vegas, and a 132-foot yacht.

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