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Tim Geithner Needs To Take A Personal Day

Tim Geithner is, unquestionably, a hard working guy. He inherited an extreme set of circumstances and didn't have a supporting cast around him until recently. There is no shortage of issues keeping TG up at night. But could Timmy actually be working too hard? Pilots and medical residents have strict guidelines on required rest since they deal with peoples' lives. While you may never go under the knife of Dr. Geithner, he does have some degree of control over the economic lives of over 300 million Americans. The last thing you want is some sleep deprived guy falling asleep at the wheel of the economy. So maybe it's time to make sure TG isn't showing any of the physiological effects of sleep deprivation such as hallucinations and memory loss.

I don't think so," Geithner said, when asked whether commercial real estate could set off another banking meltdown. "That's a problem the economy can manage through even though it's going to be still exceptionally difficult."

We probably need to hear a little bit more from the patient before making a diagnosis.

"You can say now with confidence that the financial system is stable, the economy is stabilized," Geithner said

Mr. Secretary, there seems to be some cause for concern. We're worried about you. Please tell us how things have been going for you at the Treasury.

Geithner, who was president of the Federal Reserve Bank of New York before joining the Obama administration, said reports of his 100-hour work weeks don't do justice to his new routine. "There is no typical day and it's so much worse than you think," Geithner said.

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