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UK Firms Can't Have Women Around The Office On The Off Chance Someone Reaches Out And Touches Them

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Fucking women. It's not that financial services firms in the UK don't want to employ them, or think they couldn't do just as bang-up a job as the men. This is not one of those situations.* The Brits love the ladies and would like nothing than more to hire them, and maybe maul them a little on the job. And therein lies the problem. Not with the grabbing of asses, per se. Nothing wrong with that. The issue is with the obscene potential pay-out these chippies could collect in the event their colleagues or superiors decide through no fault of their own to get pawsy.

Nichola Pease, deputy chairman and former chief executive of the division of Credit Suisse Group AG, said companies are scared away from hiring women because penalties for successful sex discrimination claims are unlimited and the U.K. offers 52 weeks of maternity leave compared with 12 weeks in the U.S.
"A year maternity leave is too long, and sex discrimination claims that run into 10s of millions of pounds are ridiculous," Pease told the Treasury Committee, a cross- party panel of lawmakers overseeing economic policy.
"What I worry about is that legislation and protection turns this into a nightmare," Pease said. "We've got to be realistic and make sure the protection, which has very good motivation, doesn't end up backfiring both at a female level and at a U.K. competitiveness level."

*Ixnay on the ACSay.