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Wanna Hang Out With Shia LaBeouf?

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Perhaps misguidedly, that's the carrot the casting team for Money Never Sleeps is dangling in order to get extras but whatever. The point is, the thespians among us should give this some serious consideration (we're told you don't actually have to be a Fordham student, though you will have to haul your ass to the Bronx). You needn't be a SAG member and they're offering "ample breaks" which is clearly the production team giving a a wink-wink go-ahead to break into ShiB's trailer while he's practicing his "trader face" and Ping Jiang him.

The sequel to Oliver Stone's WALL STREET is set to film at Fordham University October 10 & 11. It stars Michael Douglas and Shia LaBeouf who will be present for the shoot days. We are shooting a lecture scene in which we need both grad and undergrad students to play audience members. It is very important that we get a firm commitment from any students and faculty who are interested in participating.

Here are some notes regarding background performers (also known as extras):
• Background performers (or extras) fill all the non-speaking roles in a film.
• Shooting days require a commitment for the whole day.
• Compensation for NON-SAG (those who are not in the Screen Actors Guild) is $101.50 for up to 12 hrs (with overtime, if day lasts longer than 12 hrs).
• Lunch and ample breaks will be provided by the film production.
• All background performers must be legally permitted to work in the United States and have ID (e.g. driver's license and social security card or U.S. Passport).
Anyone who is interested in participating, please e-mail a recent picture and contact info to Write FORDHAM in the subject line of your email. When coming to set, please bring whatever wardrobe you were instructed to bring, as well as your valid ID.
See you on set!