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What Flicks Should We Send Over To Team Galleon?

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So Galleon employees are still rolling up to the office, which makes sense given that Raj has shot down the "baseless" allegations that he did anything wrong, promised the firm that this thing is far from over, and sworn that Galleon will rise again. Nevertheless, things have slowed down a bit from the usual pace pre-shit hitting the fan, and with their resumes already updated, Team G apparently needs some new ways to pass the time.

Had drinks with a friend of mine at Galleon-- they are getting paid to show up but the traders are all just watching movies at their desks. DB should send them copies of Boiler Room and Wall Street to pass the time.

We should! And we would, if we didn't think you guys could come up with some more out of the box titles, since they've probably already watched the above, many times (possibly as required viewing for working at the fund). If we want to go topical there's Shawshank, The Fugitive and Harold & Kumar Escape from Guantanamo Bay. But why go topical when they probably want to get their minds of the news off the day? In which case, its really just a matter of taste. How about the entire Made series to date, including the episode "I want to be a model," in which the subject was told by her coach, "Girl, I'm going to eat you up on the runway," a line oft quoted by Raj while on the desk? Figure it out by noon and we'll messenger something over, with snacks.


A Hedge Fund Trader Named "Baby Arm" Knew It Was All Over After Hearing The Tracks To "The Good Ship Galleon"

As some of you may recall, the day after Galleon Group founder Raj Rajartnam was indicted on insider trading charges, the Post dug up a rap song that had been recorded years earlier called the Good Ship Galleon, commissioned, of course, by party animal Raj Rajaratnam. All we knew at the time was that the artists featured in the ditty went by the names Jesse Jaymes and Cleveland D, but not why this happened or the creative process that went into producing the tune. Lucky for us, Wall Street memoirist and Galleon alum Turney Duff happens to be on a first name basis with Cleveland D because he is Cleveland D, as we find out in Chapter 8 of The Buy Side. Sayeth Mr D: