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What Movie Did Lloyd Blankfein Quote To Jamie Dimon During Last Year's Crisis?

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If you need a hint, the context: Thursday, September 18, 2008. Andrew Ross Sorkin reports in his new book that Lloyd Blankfein had just received an email from one of his traders claiming that JPMorgan was trying to steal Goldman hedge fund clients by spreading rumors the firm was going under. LB was pissed and immediately called up Dimon to find out where JD got off (allegedly) screwing him over like this. Jamie said he didn't know about any ungentlemanly conduct going on, but that it was conceivable some of his guys could be doing shit without his knowledge. Blankfein was sick of these attempts to evade the question and knew what he had to do. Show JD he meant business with a pop-culture reference. But which flick did the movie buff decide to quote for his big speech? Was it:
A. Backdoor Sluts 9 LB had recently finished the entire series so it was fresh in his mind, most especially the harrowing scene that was performed sans lube, which felt disturbingly similar to what was going on right now.
B. Saving Private Ryan Blankfein loves a good WWII movie and at the time, this really did feel like war.
C. Kingpin If the Goldman CEO has said once, he's said it a thousand times: "Take that, you freaky piece of shit. You don't mow another guy's lawn. " (The follow-up was also apt: "It's a small world when you've got unbelievable tits Jamie.")
D. Beaches The entire thing, all parts. What? It was a tense time and LB was feeling very emotional. He was hoping there was a chance Bette Midler spoke to Dimon on the same level.
E. The Big Lebowski Perhaps JD hadn't yet seen what happens when one fucks a stranger in the ass.
F. All of the above.
G. None of the above.

The answer we were looking for was G, none of the above.

Blankfein had been hearing these rumors for the past 24 hours, but he had finally had enough. He was furious. The rumormongering, he felt, had gotten out of control. And he couldn't believe JPMorgan was trashing his firm to his own clients. He could feel himself becoming as anxious as Mack had sounded when they spoke the day before.
He called Dimon, too. "We've got to talk," Blankfein began, then tried to calmly explain his problem. "I'm not saying you're doing it, but there are a lot of footprints here."
"Well, people may be doing something that I don't know about," Dimon replied. "But they know what I've said, which is that we're not going after our competitors in the middle of all this."
Blankfein, however, wasn't buying this explanation. "But, Jamie, if they're still doing it, you can't be telling them not to!" Trying to get his point across, Blankfein, a movie buff, started doing his own rendition of A Few Good Men: "Did you order the Code Red? Did you say your guys would never do anything?"



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Time was, Jamie Dimon was the most popular CEO on Wall Street and America's "Least Hated Banker," for reasons that included the fact that the man has soulful blue eyes, charisma out the ass, and was in charge of one of the banks that a) didn't go out of business during the financial crisis, like Lehman and Bear and b) supposedly didn't actually need the bailout money the government made it take (as JD has said previously), like Bank of America and Citigroup. The man, in the hearts of many and especially the adoring press, could do no wrong. Which is why it probably stung a lot that Lloyd Blankfein, a Wall Street CEO who also possesses more charm than a person would know what do do with, who was also in charge of a bank that neither went out of business during the financial crisis nor required the bailout money it was forced to take (according to GS), and who is also the owner of a pair of baby blues, though in his case ones that sparkle, could only do wrong. And while LB is not one to gloat at another's misfortune, especially that of a friend, he's obviously feeling pretty good about being living proof of the old saying, "only one Wall Street CEO's balls can be in a vise at a time," and right now it's JD's turn. Dimon did not attend the annual Robin Hood Foundation party [last night], but Blankfein was there, enjoying a rare night out of the spotlight. He shook hands, introduced his wife and, grinning broadly, posed for pictures. For months, Goldman Sachs has been portrayed as the callous Wall Street behemoth whose executives collected giant bonuses while America's housing crisis worsened and unemployment rose. But Monday night was different. "No one cares about Lloyd tonight. It is Jamie against the world, and that's got to feel good for Lloyd," another hedge fund manager said. And this is just the beginning. First, they stop calling you Satan and claiming you poisoned their food, next glowing profiles and cover stories devoting major column inches to your rippling biceps and the throngs of women you beat off with a stick. Dimon Pushes Blankfein Off Hot Seat At Charity Gala [Reuters] Robin Hood Scene: Blankfein, Soros, Rihanna [Bloomberg/Photo]