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What We Can Learn From The British: Don't Deal Drugs From Your Desk

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So this Bloombergstory on suicidal coke addicts across the pond? Kind of a downer. And while it didn't really illuminate much re: the similarities between trading and having a drug problem that we didn't already know, or do anything but depress us, we have found ourselves a teachable moment.

At least one cocaine user at a financial firm was brazen enough to deal the drug from his desk. David Frith, a 28-year- old banker who worked at Barclays Plc's office in Basingstoke, England, was convicted in 2007 of selling drugs from his desk and received a jail sentence of seven and a half years.

Police listened to Frith's phone calls, which had been routinely recorded by the bank, and tracked his drug runners, according to a police spokesman. Barclays declined to comment on the incident. Frith's Basingstoke-based solicitors, Talbot Walker LLP, declined to comment.

Barclays employees seriously considering making up the slack with a little biz on the side, you have been warned!