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White House Will Not Be Told By The AP How Many Jobs The Stimulus Has Created

Given the promises made on the campaign trail, there are few issues the administration is more on the line for than jobs. So when the Associated Press claims the administration is, in some cases, vastly overestimating the number of jobs created (or saved) by the stimulus, the White House takes notice. They have contingency plans for minor crises like this one in which it clearly states for a given problem, X, the corrective action is Y. Ed DeSeve, a senior adviser to the president for Recovery Act implementation, probably knows this drill pretty well and shed some light on the situation by defining what the administration sees as X.

"This story draws misleading conclusions from a handful of examples. It looks at only a small portion of the data - an initial upload of data representing just two percent of Recovery Act spending - that was made publicly available before a full review of its accuracy could be done."

Or was that Y?
White House slams AP story [Politico]