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Who Are The Hottest Ladies In Business Television?

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It's an age-old question that deserves revisiting every now and then. BroBible has complied a list of its 12 favorite business bitches and while we think it's definitely a decent start, with your collective expertise we can really nail this thing.
Personally, the bones we have to pick are a) that this isn't a ranking but just general love-fest. Those things have their place but not here. This is a serious cutthroat competition. Line 'em up, top to bottom. b) Some entries on the list seem to be the result of the authors have created the thing from the inside of a time machine and c) The lack of Bloomberg representation, especially from someone who is working overtime on the job and had the business sense to take a page from the AmandaDruryplayabook. And speaking of the Druries, they're present and accounted for after the jump. Let's show a little teamwork and make this thing something to be proud of. Add, subtract and annotate at this time.

* Maria Bartiromo
* Trish Regan
* Melissa Lee
* Becky Quick
* Amanda Drury
* Julia Boorstin
* Erin Burnett
* Melissa Francis
* Rebecca Jarvis
* Alexis Glick
* Jenna Lee
* Liz Claman
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