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Who Cooperated With The FBI On Galleon?

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Who is "CW," the FBI's confidential witness? Or should we be asking where is Galleon's CEO and co-founder Gary Rosenbach in these charges? Rosenbach co-founded Galleon in 1997 and was listed as a co-portfolio manager in the main Galleon International fund.

Buried in a footnote on page 11 in the FBI charge it says Raj interacted with CW since the mid-90's in connection with the CW's prior employment. Raj's former employer was none other than Needham & Company. Todd Harrison of Miniville reminds us the Raj and Gary worked together at Needham, a top boutique firm that invested in tech companies. Keep in mind Rosenbach's name is on some of the alleged insider traders like PeopleSupport Inc.
Rosenbach did not return an email for comment at press time.