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Who Enjoyed Last Year's Meltdown?

You'd think most people out there wish last year's crisis never happened. Given the loss of jobs and money, the last thing people would do is be thankful for 2008's bounty. Countless books and even one fact-heavy cinematic masterpiece went out of their way to document just how much pain and suffering people have been through. But, when put to a vote, more people than you would think were pleased with the collective work of the institutions that inflicted pain on the global economy.

It seems the financial crisis isn't all doom and gloom: one in four people are glad the world's economy slumped like it did, because it helped them realize their priorities in life, according to a global survey.
"The psychology of global recession has changed the way many people do things," Jenny Chang, Synovate's managing director in Taiwan, said in a statement. "They are making life-altering decisions based on the current global recession, be it postponing marriage, having children, moving house, changing jobs or pursuing higher education."

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