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Who Should Take Over For Ken Lewis?

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As you're aware, some names have already been tossed out to succeed the CEO of "the greatest financial services company in the world." They include insiders Brian Moynihan, head of consumer banking, Tom Montag, president of Global Banking & Markets, and Sallie Krawcheck, wealth management chief, in addition to those not currently taking up desk space in the building-- BlackRock's Larry Fink and former Merrill President Greg Fleming. But we've yet to see a short list of wildcards. Since the board was taken completely by surprise to hear that Lewis was bailing after an unsatisfying Labor Day Weekend left him questioning what he's doing with his life, and unlike JPM, has no succession plan in place, they're said to be seeking suggestions from just about anyone, even you.

While no one could hope to even come close to matching the brilliance of Ken Lewis, in his capacity both as BAC chief and the object of Dick Bové's fatal attraction, there are probably a few who could do an okay job. Right off the bat a few names that come to mind include former Countrywide CEO-cum-Bank of America cafeteria lady Angelo Mozilo (already has an ID tag), John Thain (if briefly, or however long it takes to turn the whole place into one giant "commode," by pissing on the walls), Charlie Gasparino (because he broke the story), and Andrew Cuomo (so that he can conduct a more thorough investigation). Who else? Feel free to nominate in groups as Divé is said to be working on note that argues you need three men or women working at full capacity to do the job of one Ken Lewis.