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Write-Offs: 10.05.09

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$$$ Bank of America has no idea who it's going to name CEO. A suggestion-- go through the list of talented employees KL "brutally fired" on account of being threatened by them, starting with this genius, whose canning apparently came down from the top. [NYT]
$$$NYC Taxis Are Made Of Gold [Cityfile]
$$$ In Defense of Goldman's $1 Billion Payoff From CIT [The Atlantic]
$$$The Demise Of The Dollar [Independent]
$$$ Matt Taibbi Falls For A Naked Short Selling Hoax Video [BI]
$$$ "Mr. Eitel also spent a great deal of time wooing clients from his 80-foot yacht, Eitel Time. With his boat, which had 11 televisions, a hot tub on the flybridge and a sunken granite-topped bar in the salon, Mr. Eitel took customers out for cocktail cruises and junkets to Martha's Vineyard. Drinks were always frosty, thanks to the on-board ice machine, which could churn out 600 pounds of ice a day." [NYT]