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Write-Offs: 10.16.09

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$$$ "Raj Rajaratnam was ordered to post a $100 million bond as part of his bail conditions, though prosecutors argued for no bail because he posed a flight risk. Anil Kumar was released on a $5 million bond." [Dealbook]
$$$ Why Did Bank of America Post a Billion-Dollar Drop? [The Atlantic]
$$$Marc Rich Details His Iran Oil Deals [NYT]
$$$ "If they're too big to fail, they're too big," Greenspan said today. "In 1911 we broke up Standard Oil -- so what happened? The individual parts became more valuable than the whole. Maybe that's what we need to do." [BS]
$$$ Andrew Ross Sorkin's book is big [BI]
$$$Job of the Week: Unicorn Investment Bank needs a Senior Director. You. [DB Career Center]
$$$ Blankfein says Goldman would not have taken federal money if he had seen the bonus backlash ahead. [Fortune]