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Allen Stanford Is A 'Sir' No More

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Since the SEC called Ponzi scheme on Allen Stanford's ass, things have no been going so well for the Houston-based "billionaire." He was "deprived" of being listed as the 405th wealthiest person in the world by Forbes, which caused many tearful nights. He was forced to fly commercial for the first time, in almost two decades, which was harrowing. He got the shit kicked out of him in a prisonyard brawl, which was humiliating. And he coughed up blood in the middle of a courtroom, in a failed attempt to get an upgrade in his accomodations behind bars. Through it all though, there was one thing he could cling to, one thing that kept him warm at night. One thing that staved off the demons. And that was the knowledge that despite being an accused criminal who wasn't recognized by Forbes for his (likely) illegal-obtained riches, he was in good company with guys like Elton John. Now, he doesn't even have that.

It's no longer "Sir" Allen Stanford. The panel that approves candidates for knighthood in the Caribbean nation of Antigua and Barbuda has voted to rescind the honor granted to Texas financier R. Allen Stanford in 2006.

The chairwoman of the National Honors Committee says the panel voted unanimously to revoke Stanford's title. Jacqui Quinn-Leandro said today the panel took the action because of the embarrassment Stanford caused the country with the alleged Ponzi scheme he ran from his Antigua-based offshore bank.