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An Additional Message From Steve Cohen (Demo Included)

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For most of this week, our singular mission has been to defend the most majestic hedge fund in all the land, vis-à-vis the hideous suggestion they may have been tainted by the insider trading scandal du jour. Our message has been simply this: Steve Cohen is the king, and nobody fucks with his majesty. And yet. Some people? Still don't get it. Take this story, entitled "SAC Capital Ex-Analyst Under Probe." The particular trading in question took place while the employee was at another firm entirely. But someone--Rupert--just had to drag the Kingdom of Cohen into the conversation, didn't they? So, today, I'm going to show you people what you can expect if you don't back the shit off. I mean it. Shut it with this insider trading crap, as it relates to the big guy and his li'l guys, or the following scenario is in your future. IF YOU'RE LUCKY.

I truly hope we don't have to continue.
[For those of you ignoramuses who have no idea what the above is about, familiarize yourselves here. These were conceived, posed for, and distributed in a limited amount by SC and Co. several years ago, perhaps knowing they'd come in handy some day.]
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