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ARS: LIRR, NJ Transit Riders Must Not Be Deprived Of Their Rights

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From the mailbag:

Spotted Andrew Ross Sorkin at a bookstore in Penn Station berating a young clerk for not carrying more copies of his book, "Too Big To Fail."
He actually said quite loudly: "Dude, you need to carry like a 100 copies of that book. It's gonna be huge!"

Sorkin has yet get back to us with a comment on the account, and while it doesn't really seem very in character for the DealBook editor to be making such a spectacle (in public), you can't deny that he's right to fight for the guy who just wants to get a gripping account of the shit that went down last year over a few rounds at the Houlihan's bar, or in the station's lush new accomodations. One thing you can be sure of is this:

Charlie Gasparino will break the legs of any Borders clerk who fails to keep a minimum of a thousand copies of When Mooks Fail on hand. That's not a threat, just a fact. To that end, failure to make sure his cardboard cutout is prominently displayed near the entrance at all times will result in having your cojones "snapped off and boiled in motor oil" (that's a direct quote). Everyone's been warned.


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