Baghdad Has A Trade Fair?


Well, this is certainly not what the Bush administration and the companies that owned it had in mind. Who would have guessed that "American companies' reputation here for overcharging and shoddy workmanship" would hurt our image even more than an invasion and occupation?

And unlike in previous years, this time it has nothing to do with Israel.
Turkey's doing well, which is a plus, but so is Iran, which is kind of a minus. The United Arab Emirates is doing really well, having poured nearly 100 times as much into Iraq as investors in the U.S. But fear not: Iraqi contractor Al Jiburi Construction, which is building the billion-dollar sports complex that will host the Gulf Games in 2013, says, "We have a couple American companies as our subcontractors."
Rebuilding Its Economy, Iraq Shuns U.S. Businesses [NYT]