Bank Of America Board To Lock Themselves In A Room Sunday Night And Not Come Out 'Til They Come Up With Someone Willing To Take Over For Ken Lewis, Maybe


Charlie Gasparino reports that the Bank of America board "really, really" wants to finally pick someone to take the job of boozing it up at happy hour and then returning to the office and saying "How 'bout we do Merrill this time? That'll be fun." According to Gasparino, BAC is in a rush to get it done because they're "sick of all the controversy surrounding the selection" and also maybe perhaps because Ken Lewis is out of there in like 5 weeks, so it would be nice if they could figure this out before then. A source of Chaz claims they're going to try and do so this Sunday, though given that the board still pretty much as no idea who they want (or who's desperate enough to take the gig) it will likely be a long night. For reasons lost on us, they're still yet to get in touch with John Thain, who remains ready and willing.