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Bonus Watch '09: Barclays

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No projected numbers (yet), though apparently the breakdown of the goodie bag being considered is not making our favorite chippies very happy (and you know what the junior UK rainmakers do when they're not happy-- bitch!). Just keep your fingers crossed this isn't contagious.

British-based Barclays Capital may be a bellwether for Wall Street's bonus season. The bank is ratcheting up stock payments to its execs and axing the amount of cash it pays out in bonuses this year -- a move that may influence US-based firms.
Barclays' employees, which number roughly 9,000 here in the city, are said to be unhappy about the plan, which could leave some seeing just a tenth of their expected bonuses land in their bank accounts next January, after taxes are taken out.

Although decisions have yet to be finalized, sources say that the bank, which bought Lehman Brothers out of bankruptcy, could pay 75 or 80 percent of its compensation in stock and options that vest over periods of as long as five years.
The portions of the bonuses paid in cash can also be clawed back, sources said.


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