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Buy Lloyd Blankfein's House (NOW ON SALE)

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Lloyd and his wife Laura has been comfortably ensconced in their new pad in 15CPW for over year now, where neighbors include people like Sandy Weill, Daniel Och, and Dan Loeb and each apartment comes equipped with an auto-fellatio room in order to meet the needs of the esteemed residents. Unfortunately, LB has been having a little trubs selling his old house, at 941 Park Avenue. It's been on the market since June and despite the added value of Stan O'Neal living in the building, its received no bites. Or has it?

Cityfile reports that the asking price has been cut to $13.5 million from $15 million. I hate to go here, but my hand has been forced-- is this Goldman's latest PR offensive? The kitten adoption program, $500 million gift, trash, and apology having failed to ingratiate God's workers to the public, are they now attempting to paint LB as being one of the people, just a guy who can't sell his house? He's gotten offers, but they've been turned away so we can say Goldman Sachs CEO's, they're just like us? If we are Tim Geithner?