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Charlie Gasparino Also Huge In Greenwich?

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As previously mentioned, it seems Charlie Gasparino has some (cheapskate) fans in New Canaan, who lined up to get their hands on his new book, Up In Smoke, the second it was available at their local library. Now our attention has been directed to the fact that he's got some rabid followers in Greenwich: every copy of his tome has been checked out or reserved in the last 24 hours. Now, obviously, we wouldn't dare suggest that the entire state of Connecticut wasn't waiting with bated breath to read (but not pay for) the definitive book on the crisis. But does this not seem a bit suspect? Clearly if a certain hedge fund manager wanted to keep this from his people, he'd simply have his air force bomb the libraries. But I'm not yet convinced something isn't up. In related news sure to chap some NYT hide, our New Canaan librarian correspondent informs us of number of copies ordered for the various financial crisis titles:

The Sellout/ Charles Gasparino= 16
House of Cards/ William Cohen = 8
Street Fighters/ Kate Kelly = 1
Colossal Failure / Lawrence McDonald = 2
Too Big To Fail / Sorkin = 2