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Charlie Gasparino And Andrew Ross Sorkin Make Nice, Charlie And Lloyd Blankfein Not So Much

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So Charlie Gasparino and Ken Feinberg had a 20 martini dinner last night, which came after Chaz's keynote address at the Directorship 100. Gaspo told a captive audience that the Compensation Cop "has Wall Street by the stugats." Before all that, though, Gasparino had a run in with Andrew Ross Sorkin, who you may have noticed the Jabroni Pony's had some beef with of late. There's the fact that the two have competing financial crisis books out, but the thing that's mostly chapped CG's hide is the section of Too Big To Fail wherein Sorkin claims Lloyd Blankfein was fed up with Gasparino's alleged "rumor-mongering" last fall. Presumably trying to head off an awkward confrontation in the men's room and/or a crowbar beatin', ARS approached Chaz and told him, "I'm going to shake your hand." The sensitive side of Chazpo came out and he asked Sorkin, "How would you feel if I wrote that?" Times-boy told CG he was sorry, and sufficiently pleased with the contrition, we're told Gasparino, feeling particularly close to what he's affectionately dubbed "my own personal Hymen Roth," shared some thoughts on Blankfein: "A twerp with half a nut." (We called Rego Park's first son to confirm the description this morning-- he told us "I'll neither confirm nor deny" which CG will be the first to tell you is all the proof we need.) Anyway! Here's a clip of Charlie demonstrating how to grab someone by what GE has required he refers to as their "you know whats."

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