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Charlie Gasparino Does It Sans Sleeves

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Many of you have long been under the assumption that the origin of one of our nickname's for Charlie Gasparino-- "No Sleeves"-- was merely my deeply disturbed brain. That it had no basis in reality, etc. Untrue. For years Chaz has worked out in Champion sweatshirts and tee's with the sleeves cut off. Late last Friday, Fast Money backed me up on this one.

At 4:08, behold as NS lets "the illegal firearms" (his words) breathe while working out. It's footage from a longer clip in which CG does a guided tour of the then brand new gym out in Englewood Cliff's, shot before CG made his contributions to literature. I'm working on getting my hands on the full-length, not only because we need to see this thing raw and uncut to fully appreciate it, but because the above contains no audio, which is vital. In the interim, we're told it goes something like this: "Here we have the BowFlex, which after the can, is where I do all my best thinking. This model nice, but compared to the high end one I got at home, which I got for Christmas, it's a piece of shit. Okay ready? [To guy off camera: When I get going, make sure to zoom in on my tats real close. Not kidding, I'll fuckin' kill ya if you don't get this right.] You're gonna love this. Who's spotting me? I need a fuckin' spotter over here!! Maria!!! [Inaudible screaming punctuated by shouts of 'Ba fungool!']