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Charlie Gasparino Has A Suggestion For Lloyd Blankfein

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Charlie Gasparino called Lloyd Blankfein a "twerp with half a nut" the other night and if you thought that was just CG being affectionate, you thought wrong. Chaz is sick of "this guy." He's sick of his charitable contributions, he's sick of him running his mouth, he's sick of the look on his face. It used to be the when Wall Street execs got under his skin Charlie would simply stick them in the trunk of a Buick, case closed, no questions asked. But because he has a book to promote, CG no longer has time for that kind of thing and so he's come up with an alternative.

I put his mea culpa and this charity thing in the same category...For all these reasons I am recommending two things: Mr. Oracle should use his considerable clout to release taxpayers from their Goldman Sachs subsidy and make the firm a hedge fund or something different than a government protected "bank." Second, I think it's about time for Lloyd Blankfein to step down and resign as CEO of Goldman, and really start doing God's work by sparing the rest of us the stupidity of listening to his excuses.

John Mack, you and your cannoli are still good in Chaz's book.