Charlie Gasparino Is Ready For A Book Talk Brawl


If you're coming to New Canaan, CT on Sunday to hear Charlie Gasparino discuss The Sellout you might need to bring your boxing gloves.
The other day on Chicago-based radio show StocksandJocks, co-hosted by CNBC contributor Dr. J Najarian, a listener asked Gas-Bag if he was ready to handle a confrontational room of ex-Bear and Lehman traders who might want to throw down fisticuffs. Considering many of these guys are still unemployed, stuck with McMansion mortgages, and with ample time on their hands - we thought that was a valid concern. (Sam Molinaro, former Bear Stearns CFO, is a New Canaan resident.)
The show's other host Tom 'the Chief' Haugh asked Chaz, "Are you ready for a scene or a verbal confrontation? How do you think Cannanists will receive you?"
Gasparino responded, "Well you know, they can do whatever they want. What, you don't think I've never had a personal confrontation from peeps on Wall Street? For some reason personal confrontations don't scare me that know.. I know how to handle myself."
"I'm not a punching bag I don't take their [shit]. I remind them it was their company's management that screwed up and I just reported it. I didn't engage in your risk taking practices. If you think I have anything to do with your implosion then you're nuts," Gasparino. said.

Chaz also added that anyone offering to buy him a drink after the talk will be out of luck. "I tell them, 'No thanks, I don't accept beers from people like you'."
New Canaan library event manger, Cynde Lahey, says they are expecting the Gasparino event to hit their overflow limit-they can only fit 250 in the room- so if you plan to give Chaz a piece of your mind, get there early.
Photo-Credit: Fast Money