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Cleave Wars: Bloomberg Goes Public With New Strategy To Corner Business TV Market

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Bloomberg TV has been around for years, but it has generally been considered too wonky for all but the wonkiest finance types. In the past year, however, the network has hired new on-air talent (most prominently Margaret Brennan, from CNBC), consolidated the eye-boggling number of crawls that used to clutter the bottom half of its screen, and expanded its coverage of general business news rather than focusing almost exclusively on high finance. "There's an audience that may have been with CNBC that's going to be attracted by the kind of presentation we're doing," says recently hired head of Bloomberg TV, David Rhodes.
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Really? This is really happening?

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This is a thing that actually happened.

Vanilla Ice: The Housing Market "Is Better Than Ever"

Been getting your faced ripped off lately? Can't come up with a good idea to save your life? Why not stop what you're doing an doing and start flipping houses? Vanilla Ice has been doing so for the last fifteen years says it's not only really fun but super lucrative as well. Now an expert, he stopped by CNBC today to talk shop and share a little business wisdom. Herewith, Ice's tips for success: * Yesterday is history, tomorrow is a mystery * Take it day by day * Know your markets * Know your locations ("people like places that come with a lot of Feng shui...backyards are important-- that's why I put Tiki huts out there with a lazy river) Vanilla Ice On Fixing Houses [CNBC]