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Dennis Kozlowski Doesn't Like Living In Jail, Cigarettes


The Koz has a new appeal pending before a federal judge in Manhattan, re: whether or not he was denied a fair trial because he "didn't have access to prosecutorial evidence that might have helped his defense." He's four years into his sentence, a pretty vague 8 to 25 years and honestly? He doesn't like prison life that much. "Horrible," is how the Koz describes it. It's not really laundry duty that gets to him, or the lack of birthday party/shareholder meeting/Roman orgies that feature ice sculptures pissing Vodka. What really kills DK is the assholes who smoke during his allotted time in the yard. "It's nice if you like standing around breathing second hand smoke for two hours," he told Fortune. Also, he finds it "galling" that Dick Fuld et al aren't behind bars and yet here he is, having not done that much wrong, sucking in carcinogens.


Dennis Kozlowski 'Bout Ready To Print Up New Business Cards

The ex-con has plans to run an M&A consulting shop, if you know anyone who's interested.

Dennis Kozlowski Says Steve Forbes Defamed Him

While he’s not teaching GED courses to fellow inmates, doing laundry for the child molesters in his cell unit and dreaming about vodka-pissing statues, Dennis Kozlowski is busy trying to repair his reputation. He’s given interviews to Morley Safer and other journalists and has been a model prisoner since he was convicted of fraud in 2005. Koz is also, apparently, reading books about himself and now he’s suing billionaire Steve Forbes for what he claims are false and defamatory comments in in Forbes' 2009 book "Power, Ambition, Glory: The Stunning Parallels Between Great Leaders of the Ancient World and Today ... and the Lessons You Can Learn."