Dennis Kozlowski Doesn't Like Living In Jail, Cigarettes

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The Koz has a new appeal pending before a federal judge in Manhattan, re: whether or not he was denied a fair trial because he "didn't have access to prosecutorial evidence that might have helped his defense." He's four years into his sentence, a pretty vague 8 to 25 years and honestly? He doesn't like prison life that much. "Horrible," is how the Koz describes it. It's not really laundry duty that gets to him, or the lack of birthday party/shareholder meeting/Roman orgies that feature ice sculptures pissing Vodka. What really kills DK is the assholes who smoke during his allotted time in the yard. "It's nice if you like standing around breathing second hand smoke for two hours," he told Fortune. Also, he finds it "galling" that Dick Fuld et al aren't behind bars and yet here he is, having not done that much wrong, sucking in carcinogens.


German Hedge Fund Manager Who Fled To South America And Lived Under An Assumed Name For 5 Years To "Find Meaning" In His Life Has Learned A Few Things

The bits of wisdom Florian Homm picked up during his stay in Colombia, where he was getting some "me time" and not trying to distance himself from angry investors whose money he'd lost, can be found in the book he wrote about living underground (“Kopf Geld Jagd"), which he hopes will be a "hard-core wake-up call" readers who are "trying to get a second Mercedes and a bigger boat." For those who can't wait for the English version, from an interview with the Times we learn: