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Did Raj Rajaratnam's Brother (Maybe) Get Into The Insider Trading Business To Score Chicks?

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As previously mentioned, Raj Rajaratnam's younger brother, Regnan, was investigated for insider trading in 2007. But why did baby bro (maybe) get into a game of just the (hot stock) tip in the first place? Based on this quote from 2001, I'm thinking to land some ladies. Here's what Rengs told Fox in an interview on bachelors competing for a dwindling supply of bachelorettes:

"It definitely feels like there are less quality women out there," said Rengan Rajaratnam, 31, a hedge fund analyst in New York. "I stress about it. It's like they've all gone away or someone snatched them all."

Think about it: at the time Reng-Raj lamented the lack o' ladies, he was working for his brother at Galleon. He's making pretty good money, but he's striking out with the females, big time. Finance is his thing but he feels like he needs to work under a boss who could also serve as an ass-tapping mentor, as opposed to some asshole who refuses to share the largesse ("I don't want your wick where mine's been dipped and vice versa"), which would explain why he took a job at SAC Capital. Six months later, he sets up his own shop, Sedna, but without Stevie as his wingman, he's lost. He feels inferior to Raj, who's got the Big Boy fund, and is constantly asking little bro if he's gay, 'cause he never sees him with any girls. ("Not that there's anything wrong with that," Raj said, turning down the Kenny Rogers. "Just sayin' what I'm seein'. Don't feel bad, the panties don't spontaneously drop 'til you make your first unit. Hey, you want me to toss an IR girl your way?"). So maybe Rengs figures, I'll show him. I'll take some of this info I got from this Danielle Chiesi character, score billions and the tail that comes with it, and then I'll ask that jerk how my ass tastes. And then I'll dance.