Flip Out On Someone Today


Yesterday it was suggested that one of the reasons John Paulson was able to make the leap from run of the mill rich guy/peasant by hedge fund manager standards to John motherfucking Paulson! was that he "became a grump." In earlier times, he was known for his loft parties in SoHo, and as he approached the trillion dollar pay-days, began to do things like ream employees out for overusing the printer, and reprimand people for eating junk food, according to Greg Zuckerman's new book, The Greatest Trade Ever.* A recently published study from the University of New South Wales says that "negative moods trigger more attentive, careful thinking paying greater attention to the external world" so, perhaps there's a connection between between JP making people pay to replace their own inkjet cartridges and figuring out that maybe subprime wasn't the can't lose asset class everyone thought it was cracked up to be.
Today, a Swedish study notes that "men who bottle up their anger at being unfairly treated at work are up to five times more likely to suffer a heart attack, or even die from one." And if you think being the just go with the flow guy who "lets thing pass without saying anything" would save you, think again. That tactic will get you killed to. So here's what I'm thinking.

It would be great for everyone's networth, whatever that may be, to increase exponentially (see Paulson example). If we can't get that, it would be nice if we could just save a few people from untimely deaths (see Swedish study). Science seems to be telling us that they only way for either of those things to happen is just to be a huge dick and flip the fuck out. Since later this week you're going to be expected to be a grateful and whatnot, why don't we take this morning to stop faking it and just let it all out. I would respect anyone who would actually walk into his/her boss's office and let the big guy know how you really feel, or send off an expletive-laced email to the entire company letting everyone know exactly what you think of them. But, since not everyone works in an environment where this sort of thing is encouraged, such as Bridgewater, let's lay whatever's bothering us on each other. You start. Who's worked your last nerve, and why.
*It should be noted that another thing happened in between the parties and the proselytizing about food, which is that JP got married and had two kids, which probably didn't leave much time for ragers. He also started leading a "healthier" lifestyle, probably in an attempt to extend his lifespan, hence the salads.


This Is A Story About Jim Rogers Allegedly Flipping Out On His Dentist After Allegedly Receiving "Cosmetic Enhancements" To His Teeth

One thing many tend to forget when thinking about multi-billionaires is that multi-billionaires are people too. People who just want to be loved. People who just want to feel good about themselves. People who just want to be beautiful. And just because they are worth mucho dinero does not necessarily mean that when they look in the mirror, they like what they see back. So they try and improve their appearances, thinking a tighter ass or more sculpted calves or higher cheekbones will make them happy and when things don't pan out like they'd hoped, they get a little upset. Take Jim Rogers, for instance. He supposedly wanted movie star teeth. So he went to his dentist in Singapore and had a new set put in and when they started falling out, well, can you really blame him for storming the office and making a scene? An American billionaire, a permanent resident here, is suing his dentist over a treatment that has left little for either party to smile about. Investment guru Jim Rogers, 69, wants a reimbursement of the $48,150 he spent on ceramic enhancements to his teeth recommended by Dr Ernest Rex Tan of Smile Inc Dental - and compensation on top of that. It is unclear how much compensation is being sought, but Chinese-language daily Lianhe Zaobao reported yesterday that the case is to be heard in the High Court, where only claims above $250,000 are dealt with. Dr Tan, 43, is fighting back, and counter-claiming for defamation. Zaobao reported court documents as saying that Mr Rogers is accusing Dr Tan and his practice of negligence for recommending partial-coverage ceramic restoration that turned out to be unsuitable for his teeth. The ceramic enhancements on his teeth later fell off. Dr Tan said Mr Rogers had not gone to him for treatment of temporomandibular joint disorder, but had wanted cosmetic enhancements to his teeth. The dentist said he had warned his patient about the potential problems, but Mr Rogers had decided to go ahead with it. He added that Mr Rogers had also ignored his advice to wear a dental splint. At a consultation to fix the fallen enhancements, the dentist said, Mr Rogers shouted at him in front of his staff and patients; he added that Mr Rogers also defamed him in a letter to six people. According to a spokesman for Rogers, a statement on the matter will be released "at an appropriate time." It's unclear when that is, or if it will be via a letter to investors, but we will of course keep you posted. American Investment Guru Sues Dentist [SLW]