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FYI, Greenwich Connecticut Still Waiting For An Angel

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Last week came the devastating (and, in all seriousness, surprising) news that as a result of the recession, Greenwich's Christmas lights display would likely be taking a hit this year, having only raised $30,000 for a display that costs a minimum of $45,000 to put on, if we're talking bare bones, $60,000 if we want it done up right. 2,000 letters had been sent out, begging for more money, to no avail. Though we ourselves didn't want to admit it, it was obvious that things were not looking good. But then first Selectman Peter Tesei made this statement:

"I'm sure that some angel will come down to provide the money to put them up," Tesei said. "I'm optimistic that will happen."

At first it seemed like the deluded talk of a crazy man but then we were like, hey wait a second, Pedro is right! Greenwich is filled with angels who could easily write a check. Tall ones, short ones, crazy ones, kingly ones! We figured one of them had to have wired the money after hearing the story and called up the Greenwich Chamber of Commerce earlier to find out who it was. You want to know who it was?

NO ONE! Basically. Since the plea-for-g ran in the local rag last week, a grand total of $500 in donations have come in. According to Mary Ann Morrison, the lights they could afford have already gone up, but many streets stand dark. And so, we wait.