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God Not Pleased With House Lloyd Blankfein Built

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And here's what he's doing about it! If he's told you fuckers once, he's told you a thousand times-- "do not cheap out on the new pussy palace." And yet, here you are, going to Home Depot and just buying any old piece of easily shattered glass you can find, instead of the good stuff. How is this supposed to fly when there are asses to be backed up against it? This was a warning. Get it right. Or guess what? Maybe there won't be any moving day for you. Maybe-- if you don't make this right-- you'll be bunking with Vikram in a Zen Garden-less cube.

Glass from window panes rained down from the upper floors of the trouble-plagued Goldman Sachs tower in lower Manhattan, snarling traffic for more than two hours yesterday afternoon, authorities said. Police closed West Street near Battery Park City after the glass from the 43-story skyscraper crashed onto the roadway. No injuries were reported.
The $2.4 billion office tower, slated for completion early in 2010, has been the site of a number of construction accidents over the past two years.