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Guy Who Helped Build Citi: My Bad

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John Reed, who played kind of a big role in cobbling together the world's largest diversified whorehouse, has something to get off his chest:

"I'm sorry," Reed, 70, said in an interview yesterday. "These are people I love and care about. You could imagine emotionally it's not easy to see what's happened."
John S. Reed, who helped engineer the merger that created Citigroup Inc., was apologizing for his role in building a company that has taken $45 billion in direct U.S. aid and said banks that big should be divided into separate parts.

Is he really sorry? Or was this just an attempt to get Vikram to hold him close and insist "it's not your fault" over and over? Unclear (though we wouldn't fault him if it were the latter). In any event, does anyone else have something they want to apologize for today? Related to Citi or not? Throw it out there. We're all listening.
Reed Says I'm Sorry For Role In Creating Citigroup [Bloomberg]


Who Said It?

"Each of us does and says things at one point or another in our lives we regret," [redacted] told TheWrap. "The costume I wore to the fundraiser [in which I appeared in blackface] was one such thing for me." Hopefully you answered James Montgomery, CEO of boutique investment bank Montgomery & Co, as that was the answer we were looking for. Montgomery, whose costume also featured African tribal wear and a stuffed gorilla and was captured on a video released today, continued: "While I can understand that some people may have read something other than what was intended into my wearing that costume to a costume party [at the annual fundraising event for St. Matthew's Parish School], as anyone who knows me would attest, that is not consistent with my beliefs nor is it with who I am," Montgomery added. "I am sick about the false impression it gave. All I can do now is to do what I did then and apologize for any offense I may have caused." Tom Hanks calls fundraiser blackface video 'hideously offensive' [MSNBC]