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Hedge Fund Manager Was Just Messing Around When He Said He Was Going To "Face-F*ck" Someone

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Once again, Mark Lowe, the Nomos Capital founder being sued by IR Jordan Wimmer for, among other things, trying to kill her (several times), hiring hookers to work as investor relations girls, forcing Wimmer to be present while he received lap dances, having an Asian fetish, and making dumb blonde jokes, has once again been forced to defend his sense of humor. Last week it was over something he said about putting your girlfriend in the trunk of your car (he was just JK'ing! What's the big deal? He's never actually done that, yet). Today it's over counseling a young job seeker to keep her enemies close, by allegedly saying that in his business dealings, he threatens to "face-fuck" and do something else that begins with a 'b' to people. Because he's not just a comedian but also an Oxonian, Lowe put the advice in Latin. Unfortunately, he claims something was lost in translation and while, yeah, he did basically say his go-to tactic is to throw non-consensual sex in the direction of his business rivals, it was a "lighthearted joke" and not one worth getting anyone's panties in a bunch over.

Mark Lowe admitted that the phrase was "not very polite" but denied that it was "highly inappropriate" and "sexually explicit material". He used the words in response to an email from Ariane Gordji, who was doing work experience at his firm Nomos Capital, in which she included a Latin passage from St Paul which talks about "love your enemies".
Mr Lowe, 59, who lives in Switzerland and has a reported wealth of 100million pounds, replied with the phrase "irrumabo vos et pedicabo vos" from the poet Catullus. He disputes the translation offered to the tribunal sourced from Wikipedia of "I will face-f*** you and b***** you".
He claims instead that it meant that he would "screw and b*****" those who criticised him. He said: "It is burlesque, it was always light-hearted in the first century and it still is now. It's a more robust and more pagan response to love your enemies which is what St Paul says but I say screw and b***** you."

So, really, it's just a matter of your shitty translation, peasants. Also, can someone tell me what word "b****" is supposed to be? I pride myself on usually being able to get these things but I seriously have no idea. Threatening to "blow" someone isn't much of a threat, so that's out. It goes without saying that I'm going to be really miffed if it's something obvious.


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